Community Outreach and Charities - Rehability Physical Therapy

Community Outreach and Charities

We at Rehability are thankful to have earned your trust as your physical therapy provider. We believe we have a variety of skills and resources that can benefit many people, not just our patients. For this reason, we are passionate about being an active partner in local, national and global programs, sponsorships, and charities.

Our staff enjoys serving outside our clinic in many volunteer and/or educational capacities. We work with Gallatin Community Outreach to provide basic PT assessments and education for those with extremely limited resources in our valley. In addition, Rehability partners with many local and national programs. Here are a few: Eagle Mount, Special Olympics, high school and collegiate student scholarships, ROC Wheels, Sacred Portion Children’s Outreach, Zoe Services, Adventures in Missions, Church sponsorships, MSU pre-physical therapy group, Belgrade High School, Heritage Christian School, Manhattan Christian School, Petra Academy, U.S. wheelchair rugby, and Paralympic Games.

Please see the links below for some of these organizations. We know it is a blessing to share our gifts with others… and encourage you to do the same!